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The Retreat Experience

Power Filled Retreat 2022
May 15, 2022- May 20, 2022 Costa Rica

At the Power-Filled Retreat experience, you will have a week of the perfect balance of learning,
adventure and rest with empowering and life-changing workshops that provide you with the ideas,
resources and tools that enable you to discover your power.

Costa Rica is tailor-made for retreats. It has an outdoor lifestyle that puts nature first.

When you put nature first, there’s an almost automatic slowing down of time.

Costa Rica is unhurried and unbothered;
it doesn’t stress easily and it always has time to stop and soak up life’s little pleasures.

We believe this is the perfect backdrop to build courage, UN-learn,

let go of what no longer serves you and create new memories!

The week experience

What's included in the price

  • 6 Days, 5 Nights

  • 3 Meals per Day

  • Non Alcoholic Beverages

  • 1 Group excursion

  • 1 Group outing

  • Group Retreat Photo

  • Welcome Reception

  • Group Dinner

  • 3 Retreat Sessions

  • Includes one ticket to the in-person conference and gala.

  • Transportation to and from Retreat from the airport.

Cost Does NOT include:

- Air Travel (Highly encourage travel insurance)

-Additional Excursions and souveniers

Alcoholic Beverage



  • Room and Board (Sun-Fri) shared rooms ( 2 people per room)

  • 3 meals per day

  • Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort is truly located directly on the beach, in the middle of the most famous beach in Costa Rica, and with direct access to the best shopping, dining and leisure options that Tamarindo has to offer.


Transportation to and from airport

Our goal is for you to enjoy our retreat, focus on the experience. That includes round-trip transportation from the Aiport to the Hotel. We will take the proper COVID precautions.



  • Total Cost: $3500 per person/double occupancy rooms.

  • $500 Non-Refundable- Deposit due at a time you reserve your spot.

  • At Minimum monthly payments of $500 must be paid each month.

  • Monthly payments of more than 500 can be paid.

  • One-Time full balance payments are accepted.

  • Final Payments are due April 1, 2022.

  • Balances can be paid off anytime in advance of the April 1, 2022 deadline.

  • If the event is canceled by Power-Filled, 100% of all monies will be refunded.

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